Honors Dance Appreciation

Although this class was an honors class rather than a creative endeavor, I felt the need to share my experience throughout this course.

On our first day in class, the professor said “If your advisor told you this was a dance history class and that you wouldn’t dance, they lied.”  As a musician who strictly has focused on vocals for years now, I was slightly intimidated at the thought of having to dance for a grade but I was ready to try something new.  The first day was just lecture over the syllabus, as is with most first days in school, but by the third day of class we were doing technical ballet- well, at least attempting to.  Throughout this course, we will be given the opportunity to learn different styles of dances, about the history of dance, and more importantly, how dance has affected history.  As someone whose life has been engulfed by the vocal area of the music world, I have learned that I never had a true appreciation for dancers and their art.  The strength, focus, and intimacy of a dancer is something unmatched by any other form of art.


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