Friday Recital

The Process

At Lamar University, students who are majoring in music are required to attend at least sixteen live performances each semester.  Because of this requirement, students have the opportunity to witness multiple arts outside of their own (instrumentalists witness vocal performances and vice versa).  To give students multiple recital credit opportunities, and to allow students an opportunity to perform for experience, there is a departmental recital every Friday.  Every music major will perform at least once an academic year in the departmental recital.

The Performance

On Friday, April 13th, I performed the aria “Stizzoso mio Stizzoso” from La Serva Padrona, an Italian opera.  In this opera, Serpina is a servant to a man named Uberto.  The opera begins with an angry Uberto, upset that Serpina has not brought him chocolate.  He bids her to bring his hat, wig, and coat to which she responds by forbidding his departure from the home in the aria, Stizzoso mio Stizzoso.  Uberto believes she has become too arrogant, and bids his other servant, Vespone, to find him a wife so he can get rid of Serpina.  In the second act, Serpina convinces Vespone to help her trick Uberto into marrying her. She tells Uberto she has met a man in the military by the name of Tempesta, and will soon be wed to him.  Later, “Tempesta” (who is actually Vespone in disguise) enters, demanding an unreasonably extravagant dowry for Serpina’s hand.  Uberto strongly objects, to which Tempesta gives him two options: pay the dowry, or marry Serpina himself.  Uberto of course chooses to marry Serpina, and finally the two servants reveal their scheme.  Instead of being angry, though, Uberto realizes he has been in love with Serpina and the two marry, making her the true mistress of the household.


An attached file of my performance will be added soon.

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