Church on a Friday

On Friday, September 21st my vocal studio was gifted tickets to the recital of Lawrence Brownlee and Eric Owens, accompanied by Craig Terry at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX.  All of these performers are internationally recognized, so the opportunity to see a live performance was one we were willing to make a five hour drive to see, even if it meant getting home at 2:30 in the morning.  The pieces performed combined popular arias from operas such as L’elisir d’Amore with religious works such as Give Me Jesus, and even a jazz piece called Lulu’s Back in Town.  At intermission, my studio mates and I excitedly conversed about the first half of the performance. Opportunities for college students (especially those of us in southeast Texas) to see musicians of this caliber in person are few and far in between.  When Mr. Terry began to play the piano, time stood still.  The flash flood warnings happening outdoors were totally irrelevant to an audience captivated by the music rolling through the atmosphere.  After the recital finished, there was a delay in the excited chatter from before.  When the lights came up, we were wiping tears away and trying to wrap our heads around the experience we just had.  Upon walking out of the recital hall, we were able to meet Mr. Owens, Mr. Brownlee, and Mr. Terry out in the foyer. They were all very pleasant and grateful for our attendance to their recital, and even took a picture with our studio (shown above).  Before departing from the museum, we all came to an agreement that the performance that night had changed our lives- or in our wording- taken us to church.

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