Friday Recital

On Friday, February 1st I participated in the departmental recital at Lamar University’s school of music.  Each music major is required to perform in a Friday recital once an academic year.  This is to give students an opportunity to perform for an audience, as well as giving students an opportunity to hear and experience music outside of their own instrument.

At this recital, I performed a French piece titled “Les Berceaux” by Gabriel Fauré.  The following is the lyrics and poetic translation:

Le long du quai les grands vaisseaux,
Que la houle incline en silence,
Ne prennent pas garde aux berceaux
Que la main des femmes balance.
Mais viendra le jour des adieux,
Car il faut que les femmes pleurent,
Et que les hommes curieux
Tentent les horizons qui leurrent.
Et ce jour-là les grands vaisseaux,
Fuyant le port qui diminue,
Sentent leur masse retenue
Par l’âme des lointains berceaux
Along the quay the great ships,
Listing silently with the surge,
Pay no heed to the cradles
Rocked by women’s hands.
But the day of parting will come,
For it is decreed that women shall weep,
And that men with questing spirits
Shall seek enticing horizons.
And on that day the great ships,
Leaving the dwindling harbour behind,
Shall feel their hulls held back
By the soul of the distant cradles.
(Translation by Richard Stokes)

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