Phantom of the Opera

Typically when you ask someone who isn’t educated in the realm of opera what their favorite opera is, the most common response is “Oh, Phantom of the Opera of course!”- which is in fact, not an opera. On December 21st, 2018, one of my best friends and I attended the live showing of Phantom of the Opera in Dallas, Texas.  We heard people gushing over the staging, music, and the production as a whole. The night we attended did not disappoint.

The first thing I noticed about the production was the staging.  I’ve seen several live shows in my lifetime but the use of scenery, lighting, and props in this show was outstanding.  The lighting and colors used in the opening scene with the auction in the empty theatre portrayed the setting as if viewers were watching a black and white movie. Every set was extravagant but not overwhelming.  Most memorable for me was Masquerade, the scene where the Phantom comes into the ballroom while people dance but no one- including Christine’s lover, Raoul- recognizes him until the very end of the piece. On stage, there was a huge mirror above the dancers, tilted up toward the audience and as those on stage performed ballroom dances.  This created an illusion of more people on stage while simultaneously allowing audience members to quite literally experience a new perspective.  I also find it necessary to mention that hanging ominously over the audience was an enormous chandelier.  If you know anything about Phantom of the Opera and the importance of the chandelier, this chandelier lived up to the grandeur set up by Leroux.  The music was impeccable.  The roles of the Phantom and Christine are incredibly challenging in range and melodic lines.  The actress who played Christine hit an E6 flawlessly.  This production was absolutely the most epic live performance I’ve ever witnessed.



Pictured above is Thomas and I during intermission: HUGE shoutout to Thomas for inviting me to this performance!

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