First, a Little About Me…

I grew up in Anahuac, Texas with little to no training in music.  In junior high, I moved to Baytown, Texas where I was first introduced to choral music.  I graduated from Ross S. Sterling High School in 2017 in the top 5% of my class.  My four years of high school were spent dedicated to both my art and academics. Along with being a music education major here at Lamar University, I am also involved in a performance group called the Southeast Texas Vocal Artists (STVA) under the direction of Levi Duncan.   However, despite my busy schedule I make sure to take some time out for other activities such as time with family, church events, and my other hobbies.

Choosing a Career in Music Education 

Many people who know me look at me and ask why I would ever consider anything but  music, and I tell them I wonder the same thing sometimes. I was a studious child who learned to read before I started kindergarten, but never really talented in much besides academics.  Upon entering junior high, I discovered my talent as a musician and have never looked back.  Years later, my voice has brought me down a long path of technical training that led to the most outstanding accomplishment a high school musician could receive.  My senior year of high school I was ranked the #1 soprano two in the state of Texas.  Despite my achievements in music, I still focused on going into a career that offered more financial certainty than fine arts in general and majored in business.  As I stood performing on that stage in San Antonio at the TMEA Convention, my whole life changed. Some may call what led to my decision a ‘spur of the moment’ action, but as I sang The Heaven’s Flock by Ēriks Ēšenvalds among the top high school musicians in the state of Texas, I knew that music was my calling in life.  I knew from that moment that I couldn’t go the rest of my life without opening the many doors for students which had been opened for me by my music teachers such as Levi Duncan and Dr. Jammieca Mott.

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