Texas Battlegrounds vs. Vidor, Texas

Introduction On March 28th, 2019 I, along with classmates, attended the Vidor City Council meeting.  Vidor is a relatively small town, with a population of around 11,000*.  After the standard introductory protocols, the floor was opened for citizens to state their concerns.  A man stood before the council members and discussed Texas Battlegrounds, an outdoor... Continue Reading →

Phantom of the Opera

Typically when you ask someone who isn't educated in the realm of opera what their favorite opera is, the most common response is "Oh, Phantom of the Opera of course!"- which is in fact, not an opera. On December 21st, 2018, one of my best friends and I attended the live showing of Phantom of the... Continue Reading →

Friday Recital

On Friday, February 1st I participated in the departmental recital at Lamar University's school of music.  Each music major is required to perform in a Friday recital once an academic year.  This is to give students an opportunity to perform for an audience, as well as giving students an opportunity to hear and experience music... Continue Reading →

Building a Legacy

Every time I go on break from college, I make it my business to utilize my free time for professional development.  As a music educator, I take every opportunity over breaks to assist choral programs in my hometown with events, volunteer to do office work or work in the music libraries, or even just sit... Continue Reading →

Handel’s Messiah

Each year, the Lamar University Choir program joins select orchestra members from the area to perform a majority of Handel's masterpiece, The Messiah.  With a grand total of fifty three movements, this work is no easy feat.  We have always considered the concert as a gift to the community.  As a result, audience members are not... Continue Reading →

Church on a Friday

On Friday, September 21st my vocal studio was gifted tickets to the recital of Lawrence Brownlee and Eric Owens, accompanied by Craig Terry at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX.  All of these performers are internationally recognized, so the opportunity to see a live performance was one we were willing to make a five... Continue Reading →

Friday Recital

The Process At Lamar University, students who are majoring in music are required to attend at least sixteen live performances each semester.  Because of this requirement, students have the opportunity to witness multiple arts outside of their own (instrumentalists witness vocal performances and vice versa).  To give students multiple recital credit opportunities, and to allow... Continue Reading →

Javelins, Cannons, and Glory

Symphony of Southeast Texas (SOST) In 1953, the Beaumont Symphony Society founded SOST, which was formerly known as the Beaumont Symphony Orchestra. Their goal was to promote an appreciation for symphonic music, as well as give students an opportunity to witness a live orchestra, furthering music education in the region.  Currently, Maestro Chelsea Tipton II... Continue Reading →

MLK 50

Fifty years ago today, America was in a state of complete shock.  Headlines everywhere read that the leader of one of America's greatest movements was dead.  April 4th, 1968 will forever be remembered as the day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Fifty years later, his legacy lives on. In my Honors American History... Continue Reading →

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