MLK 50

Fifty years ago today, America was in a state of complete shock.  Headlines everywhere read that the leader of one of America's greatest movements was dead.  April 4th, 1968 will forever be remembered as the day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Fifty years later, his legacy lives on. In my Honors American History... Continue Reading →

Houston Health Museum: BioRhythm

This past weekend my roommate and I took a trip to the museum district in Houston.  She is a speech pathology major, so we figured the Biorhythm exhibit would be a great learning opportunity for both of us.  Upon entering the exhibit, we were quite underwhelmed.  Not only was there not much to look at... Continue Reading →

Honors Dance Appreciation

Although this class was an honors class rather than a creative endeavor, I felt the need to share my experience throughout this course. On our first day in class, the professor said "If your advisor told you this was a dance history class and that you wouldn't dance, they lied."  As a musician who strictly... Continue Reading →

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