Reaud Honors College

Students enrolled in the Reaud Honors College are encouraged to strive for academic success and to participate in creative endeavors which will in turn give them the distinguished title of “Honors Graduate”.  In order to achieve this prestigious distinction, students must:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.4 or above AND
  • Participate in at least one High Impact Educational Practice (Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity, Diversity/Global Learning, Service Learning, or Co-Op/Internship) AND
  • Collect 70 Honor Points by performing volunteer service work and participating in University and Honors College activities AND
  • Take at least 2 Honors Seminars or 1 Honors Topics course AND
  • Complete a minimum of 26 credit hours of Honors courses, of which at least eight hours must be upper-level Honors courses OR
  • Complete a minimum of 23 credit hours of Honors courses, including six hours of the Honors Thesis.

For more information on how students can achieve honors status, visit the Reaud Honors College page on Lamar University’s website .


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